What are the Tools Used for Performance Testing?

DevOps teams want to be sure they are using the best performance testing tools available. But understanding which tool is best for performance testing has to go beyond a simple consideration of which performance testing tool is easiest. In truth, there are a wide variety of tools that can serve different functions—finding the right set for specific scenarios takes experience.

So what are the tools used for performance testing at Foulk Consulting? Deciding between different test environments and test automation platforms requires strategic thinking about the performance test requirements and how the results align with business objectives. Let’s take a close look at the tools we use for performance testing to give a sense of the scope of tools that are available and how every solution might serve different needs.

What are the Tools Used for Testing?

From pre-release application testing to continuous monitoring and testing releases queued for deployment, these tools are powerful applications we trust to serve DevOps teams in performance testing and beyond.

  • Dynatrace: Dynatrace is an application performance management provider. Built from the experience gained with industry-recognized legacy solution, AppMon, Dynatrace is equipped to carry out five categories of tests including load testing, time-based metrics like response time, front-end performance testing, API testing, and more. The platform fully integrates with performance testing tools like JMeter and NeoLoad.
  • Instana: Instana is an application performance monitoring platform that provides DevOps teams with real-time insight into the performance metrics and changes of their product. Instana empowers teams to pivot testing away from looking for problems that will come up in the future, and instead focus on finding answers that are needed today.
  • NeoLoad: NeoLoad allows for the code-less design and automation of performance tests to be carried out throughout the development pipeline. This allows teams to plan for resource-intensive testing like load testing to be carried out when resources are guaranteed to be available, identifying issues like performance bottlenecks even when advanced user behavior is being modeled. Automatic test updates mean once a test is created, it can be re-used on many different projects when the same requirements need to be tested.
  • Flood.io: Flood.io is a load testing platform tool that is both in the cloud and on-premise. Flood.io’s products include real browser load testing, an on-premise load generator, historical performance analysis, and multi-cloud load generator orchestration. A load test at Flood is anything that uses JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, or Element (Puppeteer) to define user behavior at either the protocol level.
  • Zenoss: Zenoss allows teams to optimize application performance no matter how complex the infrastructure. Real-time data streaming alerts teams when an event occurs, while machine learning analytics help Zenoss understand what notifications need to be escalated for attention. This allows the entire IT ecosystem to be monitored at scale, with integrated capacity planning that lets teams continually improve to ensure responsive systems.

Outsource Performance Testing Tools Comparison and Management to Foulk Consulting

Whether you’re looking for the front-end performance testing tools that will help ensure a satisfactory user experience, or wondering which is the best performance testing tool, Foulk Consulting invites you to take a step back from worrying about the details by reaching out to us for a conversation. Understanding your test requirements, objectives, and the business goals supported by your product is enough work without also having to worry about how to get the testing done. As a high-caliber, experienced solutions IT partner, you can trust Foulk Consulting with your investment of personnel, expertise, and infrastructure.  We empower our clients to better understand, deploy and take full advantage of their software investments while delivering high-quality solutions that exceed expectations.

The Foulk Consulting team is passionate about continually exploring the performance testing tools available to ensure our clients are employing and delivering ahead-of-the-curve solutions. Whether it’s helping you structure and carry out testing internally or serving as third-party software performance testers to add the benefits of deep performance engineering experiences to your efforts, our ultimate goal is helping you serve end-users better. We’d love to start winning your trust—reach out and get to know us.

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