Operational Relief with RPA

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every second counts. Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to streamline their operations and find automation opportunities to address time-consuming tasks. A retail customer of ours had a very manual process challenge, the challenge was managing order requests that came in through fax. They had built an internal solution many years ago that was no longer meeting their needs, but they couldn’t find a replacement product that met their requirements. They issued us a problem statement and asked how we would address this issue from our lens.

Our team of experts worked closely with the company to understand their requirements and develop a solution that would not only address their problem but add efficiencies to their current manual-intensive process. Using RPA and Microsoft Power Platform, we were able to automate the ingestion of faxed order requests, converting them to email attachments and dispatching them based on information extracted off of the fax. This provided immediate operational relief and improved the speed and accuracy of the request-handling process.

Upon the exposure of creating a more efficient process more thought leadership was needed further downstream and we also proposed an automated signature process to close the order, which we deployed within two months. Using RPA and Power Platform allowed us to stabilize the environment while making improvements without service disruption. This improved the company’s ability to handle order requests quickly and efficiently, ultimately improving their overall business agility.

Foulk Consulting is a firm believer that digital automation is key to helping businesses succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. The experience we had helping this company automate their order requests is just one example of how RPA and Microsoft Power Platform can help organizations improve their operations and make better business decisions rather than having our employees to doing more impactful things than scanning a fax document…. If you’re interested in learning more about how our team can help your organization automate and streamline your processes, we look forward to collaborating with your organization in ways to drive digital innovation.

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