Is RPA Easy to Learn?

With the expansion of technology, you might have heard of the increased use of robotic process automation (RPA). A Gartner survey found that 90% of large organizations will start using some sort of RPA by the end of 2022. 

It may be widely used, but what is RPA? It is the use of automated software to take over the repetitive tasks associated with business processes. This can be anything from data entry to sending automated emails to customers. The use of RPA not only benefits companies by cutting back on mistakes, but it also gives employees the time to focus on more creative projects.

How hard is it to learn RPA? It depends on your familiarity with computer software and programming, but ultimately it requires more than watching robotic process automation tutorials online. Luckily, there are people out there who know all about RPA and can set it up for you, like the team at Foulk Consulting. We’ll discuss that more later, though. This blog will go more in depth about how to learn RPA, what RPA tools are useful, and what RPA’s role might be in the future.

How to Learn RPA From Scratch

If you decide that you would like to learn RPA or have someone within your company learn it, it is important that the person has experience with software engineering and has a general understanding of business processes. Without these skills, taking an RPA course will seem overwhelming.

Once you find someone with that experience, that person should take the following steps to learn RPA:

  1. Learn a little bit more about what RPA can do for your company and determine which business processes the RPA could take over. Knowing how you want to use it will help you decide what types of RPA to learn about.
  2. Practice using an RPA tool. It’s best to use it for a process you are familiar with so that you can check whether it is doing what you would like it to do.
  3. Connect with others who know how to create RPA bots. Whether this be through forums or social media groups, find a trusted group of people you can connect with to ask questions or get advice about using your RPA.
  4. Sign up for an RPA course. According to Purplepedia, you can learn the basics of RPA in ten hours, and more advanced uses with more time investment, up to several weeks. RPA certification courses typically cost between $65-$200, not including further training as processes are updated. You can find an RPA course online or at a local college or university.

Learning RPA and getting an RPA certification is not easy. It takes the right background, a lot of time, and money to understand. Hiring a third party to help you implement and run your RPA can save your company the hassle. Foulk Consulting will meet with your team to discuss what you need and then determine which software tool will work best for you.

Does RPA Have a Future?

Because our world is becoming increasingly digitized and more technologically advanced, it is safe to say that RPA is here to stay. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that the RPA industry will grow to $6.5 billion by 2025.

Why is RPA use growing? One reason is because of the time and money it saves. One Gartner study found that an RPA bot can do up to 30x more work than a full-time employee. That’s not to say that these bots will replace employees. Instead, it will allow employees to give more attention to the parts of their jobs that can’t be automated. This, in turn, decreases burnout among employees.

RPA also fills the employment gaps within companies. By August 2021, 4.3 million people quit their jobs, and there were a total of 10.4 million job openings in the United States. RPA takes over the more repetitive jobs that people are leaving. Unless more people start taking these jobs back on, RPA will continue to do this work in many companies.

Work With Foulk Consulting for Your RPA Needs

Several companies find the use of RPA beneficial for efficiency and money savings. However, many companies do not have the time or the people knowledgeable in RPA to implement it themselves. If your company is one of these, then reach out to Foulk Consulting to help you set up RPA. The best part? Your team does not need a complete understanding of RPA. We will set everything up for you. We offer testing and ongoing consulting services whenever you need it. We will also teach you about techniques and strategies to cut back on repetitive tasks. Are you ready to learn more or to sign up to work with us? Tell us about your project, and we will find you the software your company needs to succeed.

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