Crunch Time Clarity

Crunch Time Clarity

The final Push to Prod is always exciting. I will also say that Go Live week is always Fun because I only remember the good times, which is amazing because the best deployments were typically followed by a pub crawl up Moody Street.

As I work through two “Go Live” weeks, this week, Team A is coalescing into a tightly-knit unit while Team B is bogged down in the swamp of minutiae, too far away from their critical path.

Planning and preparation have been better in Team A, which is performing in-tune and on-time. The lack of planning and preparation in Team B has them learning new skills and techniques during crunch time.

Neither team has any show-stoppers in their application; both applications have good quality. The deployments may go well for both groups. However, if there are any challenges during the deployment action, Team A is relaxed enough to handle adversity with clarity. Team B is not.

The state of mind held by Team A begins with their CEO. He brought the leadership team together this week and said, in his Scottish brogue, “Isolated incidents are OK, we want to be on the watch for systemic problems. Remember gents, it’s just got to be good enough.”

This insight from leadership, in a critical moment of the project, was just what the team needed to release any undue pressure they had and put them on solid footing for the final push to production.

Hopefully, everything will go perfectly for Team B and they won’t face any moments which require dynamic clarity.

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