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How Much Influence Should Developers Have Over the Tools They Use?

Overview Excellent software has been produced by development teams that had total control over what tools they used and also by teams that had their tools mandated by management.  On the other hand, poor software has also been delivered by both approaches. Here are some thoughts to consider as you decide how your tooling choices […]

Shared Application Infrastructure Can Be A Critical Performance Constraint and Blindspot To Your Business

The Scenario Your business has constructed a variety of application environments designed to pursue and expand your mission-critical business plans and gain market share. Over time, security concerns, maintenance and user convenience steered you to building a unified, shared authentication infrastructure such as Identity and Access Management (IAM).  In this situation your financials system uses IAM, as does your time recording, expense, sales tracking, ticketing and development systems. They all tie-in to a single system for […]