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Foulk Consulting services allow our clients to create a center that includes the entire testing initiative, or specific activities within the testing effort like automation, or performance validation. The value is gained by pushing standards, and best practices while realizing the benefits from a centralized practice.

The goals of the Center of Excellence discussion are to:

  • Lead your team into more efficient test cycles
  • Reduce costs, with increased output maximizing ROI
  • Establish Benchmarks that ultimately can reduce bottlenecks
  • Allow continuous improvement of testing practices
  • Create centralized standards to streamline the overall process


SITE-ICON_Software-ImplementationThe Foulk Consulting team has successfully completed thousands of implementations in the HP Business Technology Optimization suite. Knowledgeable consultants with years of experience guarantee a successful implementation in a timely manner.

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SITE-ICON_Software-UpgradesThe Foulk Consulting team can help you upgrade your software and projects to newer versions of the HP Business Technology Optimization software suite. We have helped thousands of customers mitigate their risk during the upgrade process.

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SITE-ICON_Software-TrainingFoulk Consulting has over a century’s worth of combined experience working in the field with HP tools. Let our consultants provide ongoing education and support to your users either on-site or delivered conveniently over the web.

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SITE-ICON_Test-MethodologyOur firm grasp on functional and performance testing in addition to our years of experience allow us to provide our clients with the industry best practices and develop even the most complex and thorough testing strategies.

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SITE-ICON_Requirements-GatheringFoulk Consulting has developed proven methods of determining the requirements for a new system, having them formally accepted by the end users, and placing the requirements into a production QC environment.

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SITE-ICON_Operations-MonitoringThe Foulk Consulting team can put into place key infrastructure, which will help you to monitor the performance of your application, networks and systems while collecting key performance metrics at periodic intervals of time.

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