Skytap offers the world’s most advanced cloud-based solutions for managing and delivering just-in-time application environments. Their innovative Environments-centric approach was purpose-built to allow enterprise teams to capture, provision, share and tear down complete, high capacity environments in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. Using Skytap, customers achieve faster software delivery and higher quality, while eliminating up to 95% of the cost of provisioning, manual configuration and underutilized capacity.


  • Skytap was built for the complex environments found in today’s enterprise. Not just VM hardware images, but detailed configurations of multiple servers, appliances, network and domain settings, data and virtual assets that can span multiple cloud instances.
  • Skytap was built for agile collaboration, so highly distributed teams can develop and test in parallel, copy and share environments in their exact state to ensure quality at every project phase, and avoid days or weeks of setup time and application rewrites.
  • Skytap was built for IT control, allowing automated self-service provisioning by dev and test teams, while still maintaining operational visibility for usage quotas, access policies and efficient use of lab resources.
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