HP Business Process Testing (BPT) allows users to create modular, reusable business components to create tests. Often times, BPT components can be thought of as mini-tests that are designed for a certain process within your application. These processes can then be strung together into a scenario and can test the bigger picture. Once these business components have been built by the test engineers, the business analysts can now build test cases simply by dragging and dropping these reusable components into scenario test cases. This ensures that the tests align with business processes for accurate functionality coverage.

Key benefits:

  • Implement a framework for building reusable, data-driven test components

  • Convert manual tests into manual components for instantly reusable test assets

  • Support manual and scriptless automated components

  • Use auto-documentation to make it easy for new testers to pick up test execution

  • Create and update tests for SAP and Oracle using extended capabilities